среда, 3. фебруар 2016.

Uniformity in Serbia that must dissapear

Here in Serbia we have that 'OCD' to buy and wear same stuff that we see on other girl, whether it suits us or not because we think that's the way it should be done and hey, it's 'in' for sure.
When I'm scrolling through the photos whether it is on facebook, instagram, tumblr etc., I see a trend that repeats itself for the last few years and that finally needs to die, in my opinion.
The shortest way to describe it is: short, narrow usually top dresses, very high platform hills and extremely big bags.

1. Dress - usually it's a top dress made of a synthetic fabric that stick to skin and it's ok, somewise, when you see it on a good looking girl with a tight and in shape body. The problem starts when every other girl wears it thinking how she looks good in it even though it reveals all her flaws.
Last year, the most popular were cheap copies of Herve Leger dresses.

2. Shoes - high platform hills that are inevitable for every single night out have to take a break because those kind of shoes are so not cool anymore. Sorry girls, don't take that so personal and find yourself a new obsession.

3. Bags - XXL bags combined with the previous two items is fashion disaster, peculiarly if you choose simple copies of Michael Kros, Chanel and Louis Vuitton that are in particular popular for some reason.

The whole combination, I guess, is familiar to you, but I found some exaples to evoke you, just in case.

What do you think about this uniformity? :)

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