недеља, 31. јануар 2016.

Happy birthday Justin!

In honor of 36th birthday of nine time Grammy Awards and four time Emmy Awards winner, Justin Timberlake, on this lazy Sunday night we are listening his last album The Experience 20/20 and recalling some of his best fashion moments on and off duty.





понедељак, 18. јануар 2016.

Against blue Monday

They say today is the most depressing day of the year according to science.
Psychologist and the Guardian columnist Cllif Arnall said that he came up to this particular day accompanying many factors such as weather conditions, debt level, time since Christmas, time since failing our new year's resolutions, low motivational levels, feeling of a need to take action.
On the top of all, this date was devised to help a travel companies to analyze when people book holidays and holiday trends.
So now we're facing the Blue Monday with some blue/red outfit and with one and only WH:

I'm wearing red coat and sweather, navy skirt, dark blue jeans with one of my favourite navy shoes and small blue bag.

Hope you'll like it.

субота, 16. јануар 2016.

Paper dolls by Asya Kozina

Today I would like to present you one artist that I discovered earlier this week and that is Russian designer from St Petersburg, Asya Kozina.What is unique about this woman is that she made a collection of intricate and extremely delicate wedding gowns out of plain sheets of white paper. 
This woman regularly participates in national and international art exhibitions. In 2007 she opened her first personal exhibition of paper sculptures "White Passion" in Cherkassy Art Museum. Then followed "KIngdom of dolls", "The evolution of Christmas tree decorations" in the State Museum of toys in Kiev etc.
The one that I'm going to represent you is based on a classic Mongolian bridal dresses that usually have bright colours and patters, but Asya believes that this just distracts people from the detailing of the gown which is the reason she has chosen simlpe white paper. She also said: "I see great potential in paper. It is a way to translate ideas and largely...for me, it is also a metaphor of life and art."
To create such a magnificent artwork may take from 1 - 2 weeks to sometimes months to create just one paper sculpture.
What do you think about Asya and her work?
P.S. You can also enjoy spending your weekend listening for Sam Smith and his album "In the lonely hour", I know I will for sure.

четвртак, 14. јануар 2016.

Colorful coat

Hi everyone!
Before you start with scrolling my post, I would like you to play this link
in memory of one of the greatest musicans and artists - David Bowie, who died earlier this week.
Rest in peace you big magician!


уторак, 12. јануар 2016.


For the first time, designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have released a collection of hijabs and abayas (ankle-length robes), whose full name is The Abaya Collection: The Allure of the Middle East, targeting Muslim shoppers in the Middle East.
Dolce & Gabbana's usual figure-hugging designs were replaced with long black and beige dresses made of georgette and charmeuse fabrics. 
With this collection, no doubt, Europians are going to expand their views and start to accept other cultural and moral values and not only their own, esspecial now when Muslimans aren't so loveable in the world.
This is not the first time the brand has released collections targeting specific regions. They released a collection inspired by Moscow and in connection with a new boutique opening, collections for Japanese and Chinese shoppers. 

Here is one article where you can read about a Musliman woman's feelings according to this stuff and why she feels allocated instead of happy>