понедељак, 29. фебруар 2016.

Monday preview, week 1

Hey you guys!
Like the title says for itself, I'm planning to start a new section which would be about looks, articles, events that marked previous week, but also some recommendations made by me that I found likeable.
So, let's begin!
Events of the week surely were fashion shows that represented us new trends when it comes to clothes, bags, shoes.

1. Bag of the week is the one made by Proenzo Schouler, presented at New York Fashion Week 2016 >>>

2. Shoes of the week - Dolce and Gabbana presented also at New York Fashion Week 2016 >>>

3. Look of the week goes to the Queen of style, Olivia Palermo in Christopher Kane, from London Fashion Week 2016 >>>

4. Article of the week, when it comes to fashion is the one from French Vogue, a guide how-to-wear-a-trench-coat .

5. Article of the week, when it comes to beauty tips is the one that shows you how-to-make-your-lashes-look-extra-long-by-using-cotton .

6. Film of the week is the-vocabulary-of-fashion-by-channel, chapter 14.

7. Song of the week is, without doubt, new duet Rihanna & Drake (I mean, who can say otherwise, too hot, too sexy)!

8. Movie of the week that I'd like to recommend you is one of my favourite, Casablanca from 1942 with beautiful, fashion icon Ingrid Bergman >>>

8. Last, but not least, book of the week is Humiliated and Insulted bythe Master Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Little sad, too realistic. Masterpiece.

Hope you enjoyed it!

четвртак, 25. фебруар 2016.

Drunk in love

Hi guys!
You haven't heard from me recently, but I'll try to fix that as soon as possible.
Now you can check out my newly look that I had for a dinner with my bae last week. I went with a gorgeous black and white skirt, lovely and heavenly soft Terranova coat, too cute Mona bag and my new love, H&M boots that are one of the most comfortable hills I have ever worn.
Hope you like it!
P.S. Track of the day is one and only Beyonce and Jay Z on Grammys 2014

The meals that you see are chicken in cream and gnocchi in sauce of truffles.

уторак, 9. фебруар 2016.


In today's post you have a chance to listen Beyonce Mix and see Aleksandra Lekic's creations, the woman who stands behind the "Shock Look" store and all those beautiful, unique, striking, unusual, only for courageous and classy ladies with attitude and desire to be different and an inspiration for others and their style.
Here are some of my favourite, but all models of dresses you can find  here . 

недеља, 7. фебруар 2016.

Long - lasting sexiness

For most women, and we can all agree to that, isn't important how much some guy is handsome or what type of clothes he is wearing, but how funny he is. So, here you have my top 5 male actors from tv sitcoms that you should watch in 2016.  
P.S. Musica para el post de hoy es guapo, atractivo y carismatic Enrique Inglesias .


5. Kunal Nayyar
A British - Indian actor that captured woman's hearts with his cute accent and a shy smile in "The Big Bang Theory".

4. Max Greenfield
An American actor and tv producer. Most famous for his role in "New Girl" where we love his comical and silly role of Schmidt.

3. Benedict Cumberbatch
An English actor and tv producer. While we're waiting for the brand new episode of Sherlock Holmes where we can enjoy his sarcastic and unique humour, you can watch him in his last movie "The Imitation Game".

2. Andy Samberg
An American actor, voice actor, comedian, writer, producer, singer and rapper. In 2016 we're watching him in a hit serie " Brooklyn Nine - Nine" where we all fell for his charm and irresistible silliness.

1. Eric Christian Olsen
An American actor. Best known for his role of Marty Deeks on the CBS television serie "NCIS Los Angeles" where all of his apsolutly natural and irresistable sexiness, charisma and cuteness level max come to the fore. 

среда, 3. фебруар 2016.

Uniformity in Serbia that must dissapear

Here in Serbia we have that 'OCD' to buy and wear same stuff that we see on other girl, whether it suits us or not because we think that's the way it should be done and hey, it's 'in' for sure.
When I'm scrolling through the photos whether it is on facebook, instagram, tumblr etc., I see a trend that repeats itself for the last few years and that finally needs to die, in my opinion.
The shortest way to describe it is: short, narrow usually top dresses, very high platform hills and extremely big bags.

1. Dress - usually it's a top dress made of a synthetic fabric that stick to skin and it's ok, somewise, when you see it on a good looking girl with a tight and in shape body. The problem starts when every other girl wears it thinking how she looks good in it even though it reveals all her flaws.
Last year, the most popular were cheap copies of Herve Leger dresses.

2. Shoes - high platform hills that are inevitable for every single night out have to take a break because those kind of shoes are so not cool anymore. Sorry girls, don't take that so personal and find yourself a new obsession.

3. Bags - XXL bags combined with the previous two items is fashion disaster, peculiarly if you choose simple copies of Michael Kros, Chanel and Louis Vuitton that are in particular popular for some reason.

The whole combination, I guess, is familiar to you, but I found some exaples to evoke you, just in case.

What do you think about this uniformity? :)