понедељак, 29. фебруар 2016.

Monday preview, week 1

Hey you guys!
Like the title says for itself, I'm planning to start a new section which would be about looks, articles, events that marked previous week, but also some recommendations made by me that I found likeable.
So, let's begin!
Events of the week surely were fashion shows that represented us new trends when it comes to clothes, bags, shoes.

1. Bag of the week is the one made by Proenzo Schouler, presented at New York Fashion Week 2016 >>>

2. Shoes of the week - Dolce and Gabbana presented also at New York Fashion Week 2016 >>>

3. Look of the week goes to the Queen of style, Olivia Palermo in Christopher Kane, from London Fashion Week 2016 >>>

4. Article of the week, when it comes to fashion is the one from French Vogue, a guide how-to-wear-a-trench-coat .

5. Article of the week, when it comes to beauty tips is the one that shows you how-to-make-your-lashes-look-extra-long-by-using-cotton .

6. Film of the week is the-vocabulary-of-fashion-by-channel, chapter 14.

7. Song of the week is, without doubt, new duet Rihanna & Drake (I mean, who can say otherwise, too hot, too sexy)!

8. Movie of the week that I'd like to recommend you is one of my favourite, Casablanca from 1942 with beautiful, fashion icon Ingrid Bergman >>>

8. Last, but not least, book of the week is Humiliated and Insulted bythe Master Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Little sad, too realistic. Masterpiece.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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