петак, 17. новембар 2017.

Blake Shelton sexiest man alive? We need to talk

As you know, Blake Shelton is 2017's sexiest man alive, but internet have some thoughts about that , so do we.
I mean, he is an attractive man with his salt and pepper hair and his blue eyes, but what about the fantasy of Idris Elba?

And right in front of Colin Farrell?

And have you run through every Chris already? Think not, since only Hemsworth was named with the title so far. Think about how blue eyed bro, Chris Pine is watching you right now!

Or Chris Evans with his dog? I mean, come on, even sexiest man alive disereves a best friend.

Or even the kind of easy on the eyes crush you won't mind sharing with your little sister Cole Sprouse?

Is Jesse Williams a ghost?

We need to give some credit to Blake because he's only 4th non - actor who won the award since 1985 (before him, there were only  John F. Kennedy, David Beckam and Adam Levine).
But in the world where Bruno Mars exists, is Shelton a choice? 

Haven't you heard of Hotline Bling himself?

Or the man with an unquestionably seductive music Frank Ocean?

So we can definitely say, this is a strange, sexy world for sure.
What about you, who is for you sexiest man alive?

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