среда, 25. октобар 2017.

We should talk about Kit Harington's new show

I suppose lots of you have heard about new BBC's show Gunpowder since a lot of  press was filled with audience's turbulent impressions of terrific graphic scenes of torture and execution. 
For those who haven't heard about it, the show takes place in 1605 and tells a story about Catholic ringleader Robert Catesby, the leader of the infamous Gunpowder Plot, who attempt to assassinate the Protestant King James I by planting explosives underneath the House of Lords. Later on, he was eventually found dead, clutching a picture of the Virgin Mary. As a warning to others, his body was exhumed and decapitated, his head exhibited outside Parliament.

The show is developed by Kit Harington, Liv Tyler, Peter Mullan and Mark Gatiss.

It's true, while I was watching it, I spent one half hiding behind a cushion, and other trying not to throw up.It is also true that it has quite enough historical accuracy, and yes, lots of gruesome scenes, but isn't that the point  - to show the world history like it is? The plot is brilliant and moving, the cast is so dedicated (have to say I was especially shocked at how good Kit Harington actually was in this).

So if you love Game of Thrones, only without dragons, but with true, historical theme, you should definitely check  this three-part series out!

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