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Top 3 MCU tv series

Hi guys!
Since the end of the week is here, I bring you a list of my top 3 favourite tv series from Marvel Cinematic Universe.
If you follow me on instagram , you may know how much of a geek I am, when it comes to comics.
I love comics for their endless possibilities - they are both incredibly smart and incredibly dumb, simple and complicated at the same time and with just words and pictures they create unique, complex worlds in space and time. 

There isn't another medium that can do what comics can do - uniqueness of them as an interactive medium between the creators and readers is hard to get anywhere else.
So, I've choosen for you 3 tv series that are based on comic heroes and if you don't feel like party monster this Friday, check them out!

3. Luke Cage 

A former convict with superhuman strength and unbreakable skin who now fights crime portrayed by Mike Colter.

2. Matt Murdock / Daredevil

A blind lawyer by day who fights crime at night played by the handsome Charlie Cox.

1. Peggy Carter / Agent Carter

A woman secret agent in the 1940s America played by the sweetest Hayley Atwell. Her superpower is the fact that people underestimate her and she often uses that to her advantage.

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