субота, 16. јануар 2016.

Paper dolls by Asya Kozina

Today I would like to present you one artist that I discovered earlier this week and that is Russian designer from St Petersburg, Asya Kozina.What is unique about this woman is that she made a collection of intricate and extremely delicate wedding gowns out of plain sheets of white paper. 
This woman regularly participates in national and international art exhibitions. In 2007 she opened her first personal exhibition of paper sculptures "White Passion" in Cherkassy Art Museum. Then followed "KIngdom of dolls", "The evolution of Christmas tree decorations" in the State Museum of toys in Kiev etc.
The one that I'm going to represent you is based on a classic Mongolian bridal dresses that usually have bright colours and patters, but Asya believes that this just distracts people from the detailing of the gown which is the reason she has chosen simlpe white paper. She also said: "I see great potential in paper. It is a way to translate ideas and largely...for me, it is also a metaphor of life and art."
To create such a magnificent artwork may take from 1 - 2 weeks to sometimes months to create just one paper sculpture.
What do you think about Asya and her work?
P.S. You can also enjoy spending your weekend listening for Sam Smith and his album "In the lonely hour", I know I will for sure.

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